Juan Lopez Selection No.1

Brand: Juan Lopez

Name: Selection No.1

Size: Coronas Gordas

Length: 143

Gauge: 46

Country: Cuba

Wrapper: Cuban

Lets just get started here, shall we.. The wrapper is a veiny brown, habano leaf. A poorly applied triple cap is at the top. The cigar is well built regardless of how ugly it maybe. The foot is very colourful, a wide variety in shades of tobacco at the foot. Quick punch and am greeted with… cardboard and some tea, black tea. Lets fire up to get this rolling.

JL1001The opening is full of grassy barnyard flavours, the draw is a bit difficult to start, but opens up after a few pulls. A bit of pepper to the finish but the grassy flavour and distinct cedar seem to not change much to start. The burn is sharp and ash is a white colour with some dots, it held easily for the first half inch, when I knocked it the ashtray putting it down. Towards the second third a sharp citrus note begins building up. Lets hope this gets a bit more interesting.

Coffee, orange zest, toasted tobacco, begin to push the bitter grassy flavours aside as we make our way into the second third. The finish becomes much sweeter, and almost like vanilla beans. The burn continues to stay sharp, but I am smoking with friends, so I am ashing when appropriate as to not give the impression I want a mess left around my house. The woody flavours really carry over into the finale of the cigar.

JL1002Final third is amazing, full of roasted nut, leather and woody spice notes, almost like drinking good scotch. Down to a small nub these flavours continued. Sadly as I was with friends I was not snapping pictures as much as I usually do. My final thoughts are simply, wow for a young, regular production cigar it was complex, and definitely some some legs to them. I can’t wait to try the others I have resting in the future.

Final Score 90/100

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