Drew Estate Papas Fritas

Brand: Drew Estate; Unico Serie

Name: Papas Fritas

Size: Petit Corona

Length: 4 1/2

Gauge: 44

Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf No.1


The Papas Fritas by Drew Estate, the latest Unico Serie release was recently sent to me to sample and review by my BOTL Calvin. Thanks Brother, So above the picture is of the packing, which was designed with the old Concorde Cuban packs that were given to travellers in mind. They are really neat, 4 “short filler” smokes, all tobacco are cuts from the Liga Privada cigars, to be honest I saw what they look like broken open and it’s not to bad, but still short filler. A nice tailed cap adores the top with a unique look to it, as well as a new band unique to the Papa Fritas, around the foot of the cigar. Each one is wrapped in Cellophane, these have a nice Drew smell coming off the foot. Lets get this going.

The wrapper is very dark maduro, same wrapper leafs used for the Liga Privada No. 9 but much uglier cut, I have seen worse. The cigar is well constructed no soft or hard spots, considering I am smoking this one rott, they are excellent shape. Quick cut with the cutter, and were off. The cold draw is full of cocoa, and pepper on the finish. It’s pretty sweet to be honest. Once lit, the pepper is full front, a full meaty smoke almost like chewing a steak. The cigar is burning pretty quick but not out of the normal for this size. Cedar, and some strong leather flavours are here and there. The finish continues to be sweet, very similar to a twist between a T52 and a 9, but very unique at the same time.

DEPF002Into the second half, the cigar has taken some more pepper, but the leather, cedar and cocoa continue to take the ride. The smoke is thick, robust, and typical liga abundant.  The ash held with ease considering it’s short filler. The smoke ends on a high note with a great deal of bold strong flavours of pepper, chocolate and charred cedar.

DEPF003Over all the cigar is a nice flavourful smoke. A good quick liga, if I were to put in into a few words. If I could get them easier I would gladly sneak them into my daily smokes occasionally.

Final score 87/100


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