Punch Black Prince

Brand: Punch

Name: Black Prince

Size: Corona Gordas

Length: 143mm

Gauge: 46

Country: Cuba

Wrapper:  Cuban

I was given this beautiful vintage cigar by a great BOTL Ryan (@Ryebuilt on twitter and Instagram). What a fantastic cigar. Ry knows how the corona vitolas are my favourite. This cigar was from a box circa 2000 (OSU NOV00). So 12 years old, the Black Prince was discontinued in 2002. So a fantastic chance to smoke a cigar that is pretty tough to get a hold of nowadays.

The wrapper is a beautiful brown parchment paper shade of tan. The leaf is smooth with a small vein up the middle. A well built cigar. A triple cap adores the top, and the foot exposes an entubar method was used to bunch this up. The desktop slices me a nice cut and the cold draw produces strong cedar, and a bit of pepper to the finish. Lets start..

Opening, the woody cedar assaults the palate, love it, barnyard flavours meld in, grass, damp soil, and well you know. The cigar has a salty/sweet finish to open almost like that popcorn, whatever it’s called. The burn has some tunnelling issues, almost making it hot at times. A quick touch up fixes this issue and hopefully gone.

PBP002The second third is pretty much more of the same, the salty finish completely disappeared. The earthen tastes become more dominate, and the cigar is fairly complex with baking spices, and cedar coming together well and in various pairs to provide a good smoke. I have been told by Ry that the final third is where the magic is with these, and I can see it begin to build in complexity as we reach the final third.

What a kick here of strong bold black espresso. Oak all of a sudden with strong floral on the retrohale. The burn has remained sharp since the touch up. The cigar begins to get hot again around the last inch, but coffee flavours and such are assaulting the palate with baking spices, cinnamon and gentle pepper. It is really to hot and I have to stop smoking it but I don’t feel like I am wasting much as the cigar was amazing.

PBP003My final thoughts are the cigar was incredible, full of flavours. Classic cuban tastes and the second half of the cigar was extremely enjoyable. The tunnelling issue was a shame but that happens time to time, and it could of even been my own fault, although I doubt it.

Final Score 94/100

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