News from the XV Festival del Habano

habanosfestival_203Apparently, more new vitolas from Montecristo, as a Double Edmundo, and Petit no.2 will be added to the line up.  Also a new band will begin to adorn Montecristo products, starting with these two new brands.

Confirmation of 3 sizes from Vegueros, packed into tins of 16 or packages of 3.

  • Entretiempos, which is slated to be a Petit Edmundo
  • Mañanitas, a petit pyramid 
  • Tapados, which I couldn’t find much about other than it’s in the corona ballpark at 46 x 120mm

Also H.S.A saw sales rise by 6% last year to 416 million. Much in part to emerging markets. The European market continued to hold steady despite the economic situation in the Euro zone.

Also news on a few new regionals

A new Cuban Regional from El Ray Del Mundo, a robusto size set for the 2013 regional release

Germany will see a Rafael Gonzalez Petit Piramides for 2013

Bolivar will release the Swiss regional in a Presidente vitola which is a Robusto Extra; 54 x 150mm


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