Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario

Make: Arturo Fuente

Size: Robusto

Length: 5 1/4″

Gauge: 50

Country: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Dominican Habano Sun grown

The 2007 Don Carlos Edición de Aniversario robusto is one amazing looking cigar to hold. Simply put, the cigar is a perfect shade of light tan, reminds me sun cured leather. A triple cap on the top and double bands make an exquisite presentation. Absolutely impeccable construction, no soft or hard spots and a densely packed foot. I took my desk top cutter to this and begin.

The cold draw is full of sweet tobacco, allspice, maple and brown sugar. Once lit the opening is filled with nuts which really tastes like hazelnut. Some bold notes of leathery bite come and go at the beginning as well. A really great opening. The sweet tobacco flavour is the front runner at the start here and I really am enjoying myself. The draw continues to be excellent, and the burn is razor sharp.

AFDC002Into the second third and the cigar really expands into the warm baking spices, nutmeg and cinnamon. Roasted nuts and black coffee really fill up the palate. The cigar has a surprisingly salty finish at this point and it makes for quite a unique combination of flavours, almost like bread pudding when I sat back and thought about what it all tasted like together. The burn was very sharp and a bright white ash held until I chose to ash it.

AFDC003Smooth velvet smoke helps transition into the final third, full of spice and nuts, they continue to work in harmony pounding the palate with a warm sweet flavour that reminds me of the holidays. The cigar continues to be a medium in strength. Which isn’t a bad thing, although I personally prefer cigars a bit stronger but nonetheless this is very full of flavour and a good amount of kick. The finish has begun to take on a maple sweetness, coupled with the continued salty taste to the lips from the wrapper.

AFDC004A fantastic cigar, great flavours. The body was very consistent until the final third where you could possibly say it’s a medium+ but not for me. The price point on these cigars really sets them up in the more expensive non Cubans I have smoked at roughly $30 a cigar, I could easily see this being an excellent special occasion cigar.

Final Score 94/100

If you’re looking to pair this cigar, check out Nice Pair for excellent pairing ideas.


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