Por Larrañaga Regalias de Londres; 2010 Edición Regional Reino Unido

Make: Por Larrañaga

Size: Gorditos

Length: 141mm

Gauge: 50

Country: Cuba

Wrapper: Cuban

I was lucky enough to be given this wonderful cigar for Christmas, through the Cigarians Kris Kringle from my good friend and BOTL Nick. Thanks Mate. This was a cigar on my wish list for a while. Thanks to Nick and Mitch from C.gars ltd for always helping a BOTL out. The cigars name means “Gifts from London” which I think is a very fitting title. 1200 boxes of 25 were made for the UK marketplace in 2010 and I am sure they have long been sold out. United Kingdom’s RE sell quickly as aficionados from around the globe know the level of quality synonymous with Hunters & Frankau, along with the hard work together with Habanos S.A. on the program regionale. Lets get this this started shall we.

PLRDL002I paired this with a bottle of 1982 Chateau Lafite Rothschild on New Years Day 2013, and what a great afternoon it was. The wrapper was a light shade of peanut brown. A perfect wrapper leaf, no veins and a beautiful triple cap round it off. The construction is literally perfect. I punch the end and start, the cold draw is filled with caramel, cedar, vanilla and coffee. The traditional barnyard is also present but almost as a background flavour. I took a spill to it and just WOW! Smooth, dense smoke. Creamy caramel, with a mild spice to the finish. I get some barnyard as the cigar really moves into the opening third. Coffee, baking spices and wood notes with the finish really made for a relaxing, enjoyable cigar. I NEED to get more.

PLRDL001Into the second third, the cigar has become a solid medium, all the same flavours are still present  I am also getting some citrus to the finish.  This cigar is so complex, even though the core flavours are the same, the way they meld together just makes you guessing what you’re getting next. The cigar has beautiful double bands the Por Larranaga one being solid gold with reflective gold embossed lettering, while “Habana”, “Vuelta Abajo” and “-Marca- Independiente in white text. The second band is a standard RE red, silver and white with “Exclusivo Reino Unido” centred in white text.

The ash and burn have continued to be perfect into the final third, where the caramel, woody notes are really front and centre  I also begin to get a jam like taste, and all together is almost like I am smoking a peanut butter jam sandwich.  Truly an incredible smoke. The wine really brought some flavours forward, and possibly shrouded some of the more delicate flavours, but it’s New Years Day so I overindulged. Overall I find this to be one hell of a cigar, extremely complex. This would of easily been in my top 5 of last year, had I smoked it a few days earlier. If you can find them, get them and cherish these cigars.


Final Score 96/100 


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