El Primer Mundo Liga Miami

Make: El Primer Mundo;  Liga Miami

Size: Toro

Length: 6″

Gauge: 52

Country: Little Havana, USA

Wrapper: Ecuadorian 

I was lucky enough to be given one of these wonderful cigars from my great friend and fellow brother of the leaf, Mark. Thanks Mate. Sadly, after I removed the cigar from my desktop humidor where I rest my singles, my daughter came and bumped my desk, causing the cigar to roll off falling almost 4 feet to the hard oak flooring and landing on the foot.  Needless to say, the cigar was damaged in the accident. Lets get this review started, if interested in knowing more about the brand this is their website.

PMLM001The cigar has a beautiful Cuban looking wrapper, a gorgeous shade of light, reddish tan. The construction is flawless, rolled entubar style, with a triple cap, the cigar has no soft or hard spots in one word, perfect. The “accident” happened now as I went to take some photos. 

The cold draw produces a twang, almost like a Cuban  oak and nuts. I took a flame to this and began. The opening continued to stay woody. There was a caramel sweetness present to the lips. The cigar remains very smooth for having 3 ligero leafs inside. It is burning quicker then expected, probably due to the broken wrapper, but cigar burns sharp, and ash holds well.


Into the second third, there begins a cocoa note, paired with coffee. Cedar continues to be a dominate flavour, and some fermented fruits makes its way into the mix. The cigar remains smooth and the sweetness to the lips continues. The draw has remained perfect the whole cigar so far. The ash finally fell around half way, amazing considering the accident. The cigar is a strong medium, medium-full.


The final third is very rich, full of cedar, cocoa, nuts, and some floral notes this cigar is delivering regardless of the fall. The smoke is very delicate, yet abundant, I really wish the accident didn’t happen, as I wonder what I am missing out on. I smoked the cigar the best I could, and while it never got hot, towards the very end it was hard to keep going because of the damage to the wrapper and binder.

PMLM004Overall a fantastic smoke and one that if you can get a hold of, buy them. I really wish I could get more, but these are hard to find in the states, let alone Canada. If you want to send me more, please go right ahead El Primer Mundo. Total smoking time was 1 hour 15 minutes due to the quicker burn because of the damage.

Final Score 90/100


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