La Palina Kill Bill 2

Make: La Palina El Diario Kill Bill II

Size: Long Corona

Length: 6″

Gauge: 40

Country: Honduras

Wrapper: Honduran Corojo ’99

EPKB2001La Palina is a brand that has a great story to it, from the website here is what they say…

Over a century ago, my grandfather, Samuel Paley created the first La Palina. Sadly, when Sam retired in 1926, his La Palina retired with him. She has been in our hearts ever since. Now she’s back: a cigar of impeccable elegance and finesse, and well worth waiting for. The Paley family is delighted to celebrate La Palina’s long-awaited return.

The Congress Cigar Company and its leading brand, La Palina, had its beginnings when Samuel Paley emigrated from the Ukraine in the late 1800s. Arriving in Chicago, Sam obtained work at a cigar factory as a lector – an individual who reads novels, magazines and newspapers to the cigar rollers in the gallery.  His interest in the tobacco industry grew, and Sam devoted his personal time to studying cigars, the nuances of their blending and the tradition of their manufacture.  His efforts and knowledge were quickly recognized by his employer, and Sam was promoted to roller and then blender. In 1896 Sam opened a cigar shop of his own in Chicago with an adjacent factory that he named Congress Cigar Company.  Their first product was La Palina, in honor of his wife Goldie Drell Paley.  Sam was a turn-of-the-century master craftsman and would sit in the window every day rolling cigars.  La Palina was his passion, and Sam was a true artisan who believed in quality, excellence and perfection. Congress Cigar Company moved to Philadelphia in 1910, and Sam’s son, William S. Paley, joined as Vice President of Advertising after his graduation from the Wharton School of Business. Enamored with radio, William sponsored a small radio show in Philadelphia called “The La Palina Hour”.  The advertising increased sales of La Palina and convinced young Paley of the value and potential of radio, leading him in a new direction.  William’s subsequent purchase of five radio stations in Philadelphia was the inception of his Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), known as “The Tiffany Network” for the quality of its programming and its journalistic excellence.  Ultimately, Congress Cigar was liquidated in 1926, after Sam’s retirement. William S. Paley learned about quality from his father and through his experience with La Palina and Congress Cigar.  Those values would guide the Paleys for the next three generations and would take Bill Paley back to his roots, and the resurrection of the La Palina brand.

The revival of La Palina was driven by Bill Paley’s desire for a signature luxury cigar for the Lightbourne House, the fabled Paley family retreat in the Bahamas.  Following his grandfather’s dedication to excellence and his parents’ attention to detail, Bill began a journey to revive the all-but-forgotten La Palina brand.  He dedicated himself to creating a cigar emblematic of the original La Palina. Bill’s quest for the extraordinary took him to Avelino Lara, the expatriate Cuban Master Blender who created the famed Cohibas for Fidel Castro.  Lara had abandoned Cuba and was heading Enrico Garzioli’s factory at Graycliff in Nassau.  With the acquiescence of Garzioli, Bill worked directly with Lara to create a cigar that appealed to his discriminating palate. Avelino Lara passed away in October 2009, but his inspiration lives on, guiding his son Abel, and his loyal Cuban torcedores.  La Palina is honored to capture the joy and spirit of Lara’s greatness in its cigars.  La Palina premium handmade cigars represent a marriage of the finest tobacco leaves, aged, fermented, selected and blended by master artisans.

EPKB2002With that said, lets get this started shall we. The Kill Bill 2  has a toothy chestnut brown wrapper, a couple veins present, and has a nice triple cap. The KB2 is well constructed but a few soft spots are worrisome. The foot is also a tad loose. Once clipped the cold draw produces warm tobacco, oak, hay and Earthen flavours are front and centre  Spice and also a flavour I can only describe as barbecued leeks is making me curious to how this will smoke.

Into the first third the spice carries over, cloves, peppers of all varieties. While spicy, the flavour doesn’t overpower the oak and cedar which also bring out some sweetness in the finish. The cigar has a nice draw despite the issues I mentioned above. The spice kicks up some more, the cigar remains balanced but definitely moving towards a full body cigar further along.

The cigar remains spicy, yet smooth while moving into the second third. I begin to get notes of coffee and leather here and there. It makes for a nice contrast with the spice. The finish remains sweet to the lips and burn sharp. Ash holds well but I ash to avoid problems at the beginning of the third. The Kill Bill 2 is clearly a full bodied cigar and isn’t afraid to let you know.

Into the final third and the cigar is very spicy, almost like chewing peppercorns. The heat and intensity lingers in my mouth. The finish still sweet to the lips, and burn sharp as a razor. There are some flavours of leather and liquorice towards the end and the spice has mellowed down a bit.

Overall a fantastic cigar and one spicy little bomb. The cigar remained smooth the entire time and honestly the spice isn’t that overwhelming at any time.

Final Score 88/100


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