Montecristo Grand Edmundo Edicion Limitada 2010

Make: Montecristo Grand Edmundo EL 2010

Size: Cañonazo

Length: 150mm

Gauge: 52

Country: Cuba

Wrapper: Cuban

The Grand Edmundo was one of three Edicion Limitadas released in 2010. As all EL’s the tobacco has been aged 2 years prior to rolling. These cigars are a fantastic size, the same as the Cohiba Siglo VI. I smoked right through my first box of these, and was fortunate that my good friend Marko traded me one over the fall. After about 2 years of rest, and the 2 years the tobacco was allowed to age, these should be pretty much free of any harshness and will be tasting fantastic now, lets get to business.


The smooth, dark chocolate brown wrapper is vein free and makes for a beautiful finish. A nice triple cap is applied and very few soft spots present, the cigar has a nice amount of give when squeezed. I quickly clipped the cap and the cold draw produces wet cedar flavours, barnyard, and cocoa. The finish is quite dry with a spiced vanilla bean flavour note also present. I take my cedar spill to the foot and lets begin.

The opening is filled with cedar. Very dominate to start, with the barnyard also being very pronounced. The burn is very sharp and the ash a dirty concrete grey colour. The finish is filled with vanilla, spice and some freshly cut green grass. The cigar is very smooth and complex to start, and I find it very much like the Sublime EL from 2008.

The second third is filled with barnyard + the trio I described above. The cigar is burning perfect, and the draw is very very good. A good amount of smoke is produced on each puff and the flavours continue to build on one another. Coffee joins the mix and a dark chocolate note really begins to build up as well. The finish is filled with dried cherry and black tea.

Into the last few inches the cigar is just absolutely decadent. What started as a medium has become a solid medium-full. The chocolate notes have become very distinct here, and some roasted almond notes. The finish is filled with that cherry finish, and leather. Some cinnamon is present but it’s not really a flavour I get more then a handful of times during the final few inches.

Overall the cigar is just incredible only getting better with age, these definitely have some legs. I hope these end up tasting like the which were an incredible EL. If you can, I would suggest getting a box or two while you still can.

Final Score 93/100

  • Now I was smoking with friends, so I didn’t capture my standard images as the lighting was poor and the images turned out poorly, but felt I was a cigar worthy of a review nonetheless.

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