Arturo Fuente Hemingway Work Of Art Maduro

Make: Arturo Fuente; Hemingway line

Size: Perfecto

Length: 4 7/8″

Gauge: 46/60

Country: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: African Cameroon Connecticut Broadleaf 

Named after the author Ernest Hemingway, this was the first limited edition brand extension by the Fuente family. The maduro versions are released only once per year. Lets get down to business shall we. The wrapper is a beautiful dark brown, almost black maduro leaf. No veins at all, and a slight oil to the wrapper. This was in my opinion a good example of a perfect wrapper leaf. The construction was excellent, foot to cap were solid. Once clipped the cold draw produced flavours of bread, granola, and a distinct flavour of chocolate protein shake.

AFHWOA001Once lit the chocolate really comes forward. It provides a nice sweetness to the lips. Some buttered toast, and hazelnut are mixed in here and there. The finish has a nice smooth pepper spice to it. So far a great cigar, very rich and complex. The burn is sharp and the ash holds with ease into the second third.

AFHWOA002Into the second third that cocoa, and toast continue to dominate, a sweet tobacco flavour also appears. Some strong cedar begins around half way and persists into the next third. The burn is perfect and the ash holding so well, at almost half way it finally gave in. I was not attempting to “ash” this cigar, but I do take care when I place my cigar and pick it up.

AFHWOA003The final third was very complex, chocolate, hazelnut continue to be very powerful flavours. That pepper finish remains but never becomes harsh or intense. Cedar, and toast continue as well. The cigar is a medium, maybe a medium full at some points. I love the size on this cigar, just a perfect little Perfecto.

AFHWOA004Overall I find this to be a fantastic cigar, which is definitely box worthy. A lot of great flavours mix and create very complex arrangements that allow this to be a very consistent  yet complex cigar. Perfect burn and flawless construction made the draw outstanding.

Final Score  92/100


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