Viaje Honey and Hand Grenades


Make: Viaje

Size: Perfecto / The Shiv

Length: 6 1/4″

Gauge: 50

Country: Honduras

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Criollo

These cigars were a limited release in 2012 from Viaje. They produced only 300, 25 count boxes of the 3 vitolas made. I have never been a big fan of this brand, as I have always in the past had issues with them. I don’t smoke cigars that are not of the highest quality so I have given the brand another chance. I am excited to try to put that all behind me and fire this up. It was a gift from a fellow BOTL and friend Tony, thanks mate.  The cigar has a red foil covering 3/4ths of the cigar. It’s vitola very reminiscent of its name, a shiv. I spent a few minutes just admiring the beauty of the cigar. A unique pin hole was at the cap of this cigar, I would guess to allow some circulation since both ends are capped. The cigar, is a toothy, milk chocolate brown. The construction is pretty firm, a very unique vitola and I wonder how it will burn.  A very cool looking smoke, a neat band with what I am guessing is a bee with it’s abdomen pictured as a grenade. Once clipped I get some mild spice notes and woody flavours.

I light up and with excitement am met with cinnamon, spices and a nice nutty oak flavour. I am happy with the finish it’s a sweet but not a honey finish, and I wasn’t expecting one. The ash holds well and the burn is sharp but there is very little complexity for the opening of the cigar.

VHNG002The cigar is a very nice medium-full at this point. I taste nuts and what I can’t help but say is a multi grain bread. There begins a very bitter note that I hope goes away, almost artificial in nature. I get some sweet notes are here and there on the lips. Sadly the bitterness becomes unbearable and I have to toss it.

Overall, I find the cigar was good to start, but whatever was in the middle there made the cigar so unpleasant I couldn’t finish it. I hardly waste a cigar, but this one I had to toss aside.

Final Score 79/100


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