Gordito de Allones; 2010 Edición Regional Canada

RAG002Make: Ramon Allones

Size: Gordito; Robusto Extra

Length: 141mm

Gauge: 50

Country: Cuban

Wrapper: Cuban 

The Gordito de Allones, was a 2010 Canadian Regional release. Sold in boxes of 10, only 2500 boxes were produced and shipped to Havana House. I got my hands on a box and they are just a beautiful looking cigar, each one well constructed and beautifully wrapped. Enough of that lets get to business.

The wrapper is a dark maduro looking leaf, toothy, and a bit mottled in colour. No veins and a perfect triple cap finish this off. The standard Ramon Allones band, with a Exclusivo Canada secondary band provide a very elegant look to these cigars. There are no soft spots nor hard or firm areas, the cigar is a perfect specimen. The foot is looks well bunched and a quick cut produces some barnyard notes on the cold draw and a bit of a peppery sweet finish.

The opening third is full of coffee. Bold, dark roast fills the mouth and it’s not a acidic or harsh flavour in any way. Some sweet cocoa, and woody notes also come forward. There is a bit of a gingerbread cookie flavour here and there which is a nice flavour to add into the mix at this point. The sweet peppery finish continues to make this a fantastic cigar so far.

RAG001Coffee, spices, and wood really take hold in the second half. The cigar is a medium full right now but I could see this getting stronger as we progress further into the cigar. Some vanilla spice and baking cocoa become more distinguished, and the finish loses its sweetness and gains that lovely salt and pepper taste I love.

So far a perfect burn, with ash holding inches at a time. The final third really takes the first two thirds and melds them into a wonderful finish to a great cigar. Coffee, more of those gingerbread/toast flavours, baking spices(cocoa, cinnamon, nutmeg), and woody flavours really capture my palate.

Overall I would say, BUY these now and hold on to them if you can resist. I figure in 5 years time these will be very refined and highly complex cigar, well worthy of a 95-96 in 2018 or so.

Final Score 92/100

  • Again, I only captured a few photos for this review, I did not want to break into my untouched box.



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