Casa Fuente, Corona Gorda

CF001Make: Casa Fuente

Size: Corona Gorda

Length: 5 5/8″

Gauge: 46

Country: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Cameroon

Casa Fuente is a Fuente operated cigar lounge located in the Forum Shops at Caesars in Las Vegas. The Fuente family produces a special cigar line for the lounge called Casa Fuente. This is I guess their “house blend” and it’s probably one of the best lines that Arturo Fuente makes. I was recently gifted a corona gorda sized Casa Fuente cigar from a dear BOTL Mark that he got while at the big smoke 2012, thanks Mark.

The cigar is amazingly constructed. I really wish more cigars were this well rolled. The wrapper is a toothy, chestnut brown. A nice triple cap and well bunched foot make it quite a delicious looking cigar. Small veins are visible but very few, looks like a very high quality wrapper leaf. The aroma of the wrapper and foot is incredible, honeycomb, brown sugar. Once I clip the cap, the cold draw produces a honey almost “crème brûlée” flavour as well as brown sugar, and baking spices.

The opening third shows a bit of those baking spices, cinnamon and nutmeg. Burnt cedar and brown sugar are also subtle flavours. About halfway into this third, coffee and earthen flavours come forward  A perfect burn and ash, with plenty of white dots from the toothy wrapper. A fantastic start to what is looking to be an amazing cigar.

CF002Some pepper notes are defined much clearer in the second third. The cigar is very smooth and the complexity continues to rise as the cigar progresses. The ash fell a few puffs into this third, a nice woody cedar notes are also carry over from the opening. Some roasted nuts and coffee are also present, a sweetness to the wrapper is a nice finish for the cigar, which is becoming a medium-full body at this point.

The final third, “Wow” this is an excellent cigar, very complex and full of cedar and woody tastes. Smooth and full of complex wood, coffee and nutty flavours, with a nice light pepper finish. An amazing cigar which continues to be a strong medium-full from halfway to the end.

Overall I would say that if you can get these, they are worth having around as a nice special cigar. The flavours are warm and inviting for a cigar lover. The strength for a new comer maybe a bit much, but it’s still a great cigar that I feel anyone can enjoy.

Final Score 95/100

  • There are missing photos here due to me smoking only one of these cigars, I smoked with friends and simply forgot to capture more pictures. My apologizes. 


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