Cohiba Behike 52

BHK52001Make: Cohiba BHK 52 

Size: Laguito No.4

Length: 119mm

Gauge: 52

Country: Cuba

Wrapper: Cuban

The BHK 52 or “Behike” as they are nicknamed, are some of the most expensive cigars on the market, and the cream of the crop line for the worlds most premium brand, Cohiba. The BHK incorporates the Medio Tempo tobacco leaf, taken from the upper leaves of sun-grown tobacco plants which supposedly gives the blend a unique taste and strength. The cigars are beautiful, my wife and son got me a new box of 10 for Christmas, lets get to business shall we.

The construction is pretty much perfect, the cigar has a nice pig tail triple cap, and is well bunched and rolled. No soft or hard spots at all, the cigar feels incredible. The wrapper is a brown, wet sand colour. No ugly large veins. I clipped the cap and took a cold draw. The flavours remind me of the classic Cuban barnyard and some sweetness to the wrapper which I couldn’t pin point at the start.

BHK52002I quickly took a cedar spill and fired this up. I was immediately greeted with that classic Cuban barnyard. I enjoy the hay notes especially when paired with coffee flavours. There is also a spice present, the finish has a sweetness almost like honey. The smoke is very refined and smooth, it coats the mouth like velvet. In my opinion the biggest problem with Cohibas and the BHK in general is that people go into these cigars with huge expectations. The cigars are amazing, but it’s not like you are smoking anything more then a cigar. The flavours and such are dead on for a Cuban cigar lover.

BHK006The second third continues with that amazing sweet grassy flavours, that I love about Cohiba blends. Some spicy cedar notes couple with coffee and earthen flavours to provide an excellent finish. The cigar burns perfectly and the ash holds well. I really enjoy how refined these cigars are for being less then 2 years old.

BHK007The final third is easily the best part of the cigar, the intensity of flavours pick up. The cigar remains smooth and full bodied at this point. The barnyard flavours are still present. That sweet and spicy finish is really making this cigar easy to smoke. Almost to the very end, the cigar begins to have a sweet, buttery taste to it, almost like holiday cookies.

BHK52004Overall, the BHK 52 is an amazing cigar, but it’s the best Cohiba makes so that is expected. These cigars are great, flavourful and definitely a great celebratory smoke or for a special occasion. The price point makes these really not a everyday smoke, coming in around $75 Canadian dollars per cigar. I can find a few smokes for the price of this one that fit my profile for flavours as well. Total smoking time was 1 hour 28 minutes. I paired the cigar with Mojitos

Final Score 94/100 


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