Tatuaje The Mummy

TM002Make: Tatuaje, The Mummy

Size: Churchill Extra

Length: 7 3/4″

Gauge: 47

Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sun Grown Criollo Esteli

The Mummy is the fifth release in the Tatuaje Monster Series. This particular cigar is a Churchill vitola and I think, the skinniest of the 5. I am sure you have all heard the hype behind the series before so I will leave that out of here and get right to business with the review.

The wrapper is a dark, toothy mocha brown wrapper with small veins here and there. Not the best looking leaf wrapper but reminds me of the black lancero. A very neat unfinished foot, and triple cap round off the cigar. The construction is superb with no soft spots. I clip the cap and I am met with flavours of cedar, cocoa, leather and barnyard.


Once lit, woody notes really push forward, lots of cedar. The first few puffs are spicy but that mellows out. I pick out some cinnamon notes trying to push through but the woody flavours continues to dominate. Some leather notes on the finish round out the opening of this cigar.

TM005Once into the second third, the cigar has been holding ash well, and burn has remained razor sharp. The cedar has taken a break and allowed those cinnamon spice notes to come forward finally. The spicy leather remains on the finish, but by no means is this cigar harsh. It’s a very smooth, creamy smoke given the flavours. An espresso or simply a bold coffee note creeps in and pairs well with a fermented cherry flavour.  I would say the cigar is a medium-full at this point.

TM003Into the final third the flavours have changed again, some chocolate notes, earth, and cedar are dominating. The cinnamon left almost as quick as it arrived. That cherry flavour is here and there but mostly just on the retrohale with pepper notes. I am finding that the cigar is almost perfectly build, the ash holds until I ash it and burn is so perfect, not once did I need to correct it or relight it.

TM004Overall I would rate the Mummy an excellent cigar and definitely one to buy or hold on to as these are a fantastic smoke at the moment and probably have some legs to them 2-3 years may allow some flavours to mature some more. I know that previous Black Label releases have not aged so well according to my friends so smoke them while they are great, and I would say that is now.  Pete Johnson has done it again with another slam dunk cigar.

Final Score 93/100


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