H.Upmann Robusto 2012 Edicion Limitada

HUR001Make: H. Upmann

Size: Robustos

Length: 124mm

Gauge: 50

Country: Cuba

Wrapper: Cuban

One of three Edicion Limitadas released for 2012, the H.Upmann Robusto is a toothy, almond brown maduro like wrapper with one small vein visible the cigar is finished with an impeccable Cuban triple cap. The cigar felt a bit loose in one spot but lets hope that doesn’t change the burn or draw. I quickly clipped the cap and got this started as I was happy to sample this, and eager to try this vitola as it was previously only released in very limited capacity in the 2007 Travel Humidor and again for the 520 Aniversario. Cold draw flavours are the perfect and classic H.Upmann flavours of nuts, cream, cuban twang, and a spicy leathery finish.

The opening third is a great way to start a cigar, a lot of the cold draw flavours carry over. I am greeted with a blast of pepper which fades into a finishing flavour. Nuts, almost like peanut butter meet with a creamy coffee note. The barnyard is present but not as dominate as it was in the cold draw. Some sweet cocoa notes and that spicy leather finish remain, and it’s a fantastic cigar to start.

HUR002Into the second third the draw is perfect and the ash holding tight, is a dirty concrete grey, the burn remains sharp. There are some nut flavours still, almost like unsweetened roasted peanuts. Some espresso notes, make the cigar a wonderfully smooth milky smoke. The finish remains that spicy leather. Around halfway, the cigar begins to have some tunnelling issues and it needs some touch ups to correct.

HUR003The final third begins with a blast, the tunnelling has pretty much been corrected. The tunnelling really made the cigar a bit hot and the flavours have become intense. Roasted nuts and bold coffee take centre stage. The leathery spice finish remains and some cedar flavours are distinguishable.


Overall I say it’s a great smoke, amazing flavours. It was a shame about the tunnelling, but it didn’t change my experience with the cigar. I would say these have some legs to them, and will mature to a 94-95 smoke over time. If this is how all the 2012 Edicion Limitadas are going to be, than 2011 and 2012 will have produced some amazing cigars. Total smoking time was 1 hour 12 minutes, I paired this with a Hemingway daiquiri.

HUR005Final Score 91/100


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