Drew Estate Dirty Rat

DR004Make: Drew Estate Unico Serie, Dirty Rat

Size: Corona

Length: 5″

Gauge: 44

Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Connecticut River Valley Stalk Cut and Cured Sun Grown Habano

The Unico Serie by Drew Estate are next to impossible to find, and even then if you don’t know someone or attend a Drew sponsored event, the chances are even lower you will find these cigars. The Dirty Rat is no exception, made using 5 filler leaves and jamming them into this corona blend, which is where the increased flavour profile and strength comes from. While these are not a limited edition cigar, it will have very limited releases. Lets get to business shall we.

DR001The wrapper looks almost the same as the T52, toothy, oily and a dark chestnut brown make this one beautiful cigar. I am happy to have such good friends who gifted these to me, thanks Tony. The construction is perfect, and honestly I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Unico. Jonathan Drew has said he uses the best rollers available for the Unico series cigars. A nice pig tail flagged cap adorn the top of the cigar. I actually don’t cut these, I carefully remove the tail and it produces a perfect draw. I don’t know if it’s intended but it’s a pretty neat way to smoke it.  The cold draw produces some nice flavours, some subtle spice notes, pepper, cinnamon. As well as a bit of citrus, specifically orange on the lips. Lets fire this up and get started.

DR002The opening of the cigar is not a warm welcome, a blast of intense pepper which slowly fades to a secondary flavour and only present in the retro-hale for a while. I also taste cinnamon, raisins and it’s almost as if it’s a bread pudding with hints of spice. The smoke production is abundant and typical of the Liga Privada cigars.

DR005Into the second third the cigar has become more tamed, the strength building but slowly at this point. Ash holds with ease and the cigar keeps a sharp burn. The cigar while strong and full flavoured never comes off as harsh. I would actually say the smoke is smooth and creamy. Burnt cedar, coffee notes and some roasted nuts make the second third decadent.

DR003The final third, is where this cigar becomes a full bodied cigar. Strong flavours of coffee and spice make the cigar almost bitter at times but never unenjoyable. I would consider this cigar to be creamy but still wild in flavours and if smoked to fast I could see people not enjoying this cigar as much as possible. I did smoke this down to pretty much nothing. I wish I could get more of these but they are impossible to find in my area. If you can get these buy them, and let them age or smoke, either way the Dirty Rat is going to be a good cigar regardless.

Final Score 92/100


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