Juan Lopez Supreme 2011 Regional Edicion Canada

JLS001Make: Juan Lopez Supreme 2011 Regional Edicion Canada

Size: Edmundo

Length: 135mm

Gauge: 52

Country: Cuba

Wrapper: Cuban

In 2011, this cigar was released almost quietly. 1000 boxes of 25 were made and delivered to shops across Canada. I got my hands on a box recently, but at first I was a bit hesitant about getting these as I had heard mixed reviews. I am happy I found out for myself that they were worth every penny. Juan Lopez is a brand I do not smoke often, as they are a bit harder to find in my part of Canada. Lets get to the review as I know that’s what you’re here to read.

The wrapper is a wonderful peanut brown colour, smooth veins and a triple cap on top make it a picture perfect cigar. The construction is incredible, no soft spots, and an amazing foot that shows several shades of beautiful tobacco, gold, black, and tan colours make this look to be one great smoke. Once clipped the cigar shows a bit of resistance but almost the perfect amount.  Flavours of caramel, coffee and the Cuban barnyard twang round out the cold profile.


The opening third produces notes of burning cedar. Some earthen notes also come forward, as well as roasted nuts and some caramel.  The finish tastes like leather with some pepper tossed in. A very nice opening which shows a lot of the cold draw flavours coming through.


The second third is much of the same, the burn  is razor sharp and the ash has held the entire way so far. The barnyard flavors and leather carry over to this third. Cinnamon and an almost brown sugar sweetness join in here and there but it’s not a flavour that sticks around for long. There is an almost citrus bite to the finish now and it really complements the spice, leather and barnyard well.

The final third has made this one hell of a cigar, the sweetness still comes and goes and the intensity has really picked up. Cedar, Caramel and barnyard are still dominate flavours but some espresso notes are also hitting my palate. The cigar is very multi dimensional even with consistent flavours the way they show themselves makes for a truly wonderful smoke for their age.

JLS004Overall I find this to be a fantastic cigar with a great deal of complexity. The way it builds strength gradually is something I enjoy in Cuban cigar. I would say that in a few years time, these will be the best regional release Canada has had, in the meantime it’s definitely worth picking up a box while you still can. Final smoking time was 1 hour 27 minutes.

Final Score 93/100


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