It was close but these round out the top 10 of 2012

DirtyRat001The top 10 cigars of 2012 were all so very close in ratings it was literally small tenths of percentages that would separate the cigars. I am happy to give you the final list of A Canadian Gentleman’s Top 10 cigars of 2012

1- Hoyo De Monterrey Double Epicure
2- Vegas Robaina Marshall RE Adriatico
3- Ramon Allones Allones Extra
4- Drew Estate Unico Serie Ratzilla
5- Tatuaje Black Old Man and the C Culebra
6- Cohiba 1966- 94
7- Juan Lopez Supreme RE Canada- 93
8- Tatuaje 7th Capa Especial- 92
9- Undercrown Corona ¡Viva!- 92
10-La Dueña Petit Lancero- 92

Several others were very close such as the Tatuaje Black Petit Lancero, Ramon Allones Super Ramon RE Canada, H.Upmann Royal Robusto, Drew Estate Dirty Rat and Velvet rat. I only had 1 Velvet Rat and it couldn’t make my list due to that reason. The Tatuaje Avion 12, My Fathers Atlantic release and several others were all in the running.


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