The Number 1 Cigar of 2012, Hoyo De Monterrey Double Epicure

HDMDE001Make: Hoyo De Monterrey, Double Epicure

Size: Dobles; Robusto Extra

Length: 155mm

Gauge: 50

Country: Cuba

Wrapper: Cuban

The Hoyo De Monterrey, Double Epicure is A Canadian Gentleman’s number 1 cigar of 2012. I was offered one of these in the late fall by a great botl and friend Ryan. We smoked these together and discussed notes. While in the opening third of the first cigar I promptly ordered the humidor. Which should make it here around the new year. I paired this with a Cuban libre and it went well, so lets get to the review. These cigars were released in late 2011 and early 2012.

The wrapper is a perfect shade of brown, and reminds me of soft leather or a glass of chocolate milk.  Vein free and toothy the Double Epicure is well built with no soft spots and a beautifully packed foot which shows colours of gold, tan bronze and black tobacco. A perfect triple cap adorns the top and the standard HDM band with a second Epicure band reading “Double Epicure”. I clip the end on my desktop Savinelli and the cold draw produces some great flavours and a perfect draw. Hay, coffee, cedar and a very salty finish to the lips are present and I am excited for the start.

HDMDE002The first third, almost every flavour from the cold draw is present. A strong barnyard twang is a constant flavour and provides a very nice backdrop to the creamy coffee notes present. The finish remains salty, and a rose flavour on the retro-hale is incredible way to start.

HDMDE003Into the second third, the burn is not razor sharp but never needs correcting nor does it get too far out of line. The ash is holding like a champion. Well into this third. The flavours just continue to build on one another, with a butter pie crust flavour coming in occasionally, a jam flavour also is present. The rose/floral notes on the retro-hale are still lingering as well. Some leather and spice notes, cinnamon and vanilla make there way into the blend of flavours but only for short times here and there. The strength has really begun to build up as the cigar progresses.

HDMDE004Finally the end, what is to be the best part of the cigar, as the flavours continue to build on one another the cigar has really picked up strength. The warm cedar and grassy flavours take a back seat to some chocolate and coffee. A sweetness similar to that found in fine cognac makes it way forward as well. The salty finish has remained the entire cigar and made it very enjoyable to the lips. The cigar was good until the very end, never getting hot or harsh. If you’re not retro-haling during the Double Epicure, you are not getting the full flavours from this particular cigar.

Over all one of the best cigars I have had in my life, let alone last year. These will be a treasure to cherish in the years to come. While a bit expensive and definitely getting harder to find as the time goes by, these Double Epicure cigars are being given a 97/100 and the title of 2012 Cigar of the year.

Final Score 97/100


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