Vegas Robaina “Marshall” Adriatico 2008 Regional Edicion, Revisited

VRM0005Make: Vegas Robania or La Gloria Cubana “Marshall”

Size: Robusto

Length: 124mm

Gauge: 50

Country: Cuba

Wrapper: Cuban


The Adriatico regional edicion is one of the best cigars I’ve ever had, let alone this year, and it deserves the NUMBER 2 cigar of 2012. Now while I know most of these lists only allow new 2012 releases to be considered for their lists, but the highest rated smokes are the highest rated and I am not going to just intentionally leave off because it was released in 2008. I reviewed this cigar earlier this year and decided to revisit it, while putting this list together this past December.


A bit of history and all that information can be found on my initial review here. The cigar is one that I wish I could my hands on a crate of. In all the regionales I’ve had, only one or two have ever compared to the Marshall. Exclusive to Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, and Bosnia these have been tough for me to get a hold of until my good friend and fellow BOTL Marko travelled to Croatia this past summer, he brought back a couple boxes and happily gave me two boxes of 10 in exchange for some other cigars from my collection. Thanks again Marko! With that said, lets get to business with the Marshall, part two.

The cigar is a beautiful chestnut brown, I would almost say this was a classic Robaina farm wrapper by the looks of it. The wrapper is toothy and dare I say a bit oily for a Cuban. Once clipped the draw produces some amazing barnyard flavours with a bit of leather and some salty notes on the finish. Lets fire it up, I’ll use some cedar spills gifted to me during the holidays.

VRM001The first third, the barnyard flavours really come through, creamy hay and cedar along with the salty wrapper, a classic LGC. I detect slight rose notes. The cigar is very well blended. The flavours from the cold draw really come over to the first third. There is a sweetness that comes and goes, a brown sugar or agave flavour which I find to be a nice contrast to the salty wrapper.

Once into the second third, I can taste a nutty flavour as well as a bit of the barnyard still providing a nice twang to the cigar. There are coffee notes that are along the lines of a nice cup of the coffee you would get after dinner. Some of the sweetness has mellowed out and the agave flavour is definitely standing out a lot more.

Nov-Dec12 086Onto the final third and the cigar is absolutely perfect, the burn has remained razor sharp and the flavours continue to build on one another. Barnyard, coffee, some vanilla bean and leather are very pronounced and the salty wrapper has continued to the nub. I would put the strength at a medium, medium plus at best. A perfect cigar to sit back and relax with.

I rate the Vegas Robaina Marshall a 96/100 and just slightly ahead in points by tenths of a percent of the number 3 cigar the Allones Extra. I want to add that I had a few Robainas that I would rate a 98, but for this process I use the average of 3 samples of each cigar. Tomorrow the number 1 cigar of the year will be released. I will also release the list of the 6-10 cigars that day as well, at 12pm GMT.

Final Score 96/100 


One thought on “Vegas Robaina “Marshall” Adriatico 2008 Regional Edicion, Revisited

  1. Amazing review brother. If i go back (or anybody in my family – which I’m sure they will in the near future) I will ask that they bring back as many boxes as they can.

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