Ramon Allones; “Allones Extra” Edicion Limitada 2011

RAAE001Make: Ramon Allones, Allones Extra 2011 Edicion Limitada

Size: Franciscos

Length: 143mm or 5 5/8″

Gauge: 44

Country: Cuba

Wrapper: Cuban Tapado, shade grown Black Cuban Tobacco

My number 3 cigar of 2012 is the Allones Extra by Ramon Allones, one of the three Limited Edicion smokes produced by Habanos SA for the 2011 year. A revival of this vitola from the 1970’s for the 2011 EL shape is a nice throwback, coupled with vintage looking bands that used to adorn the original Allones Extra, with the added black and gold Edicion Limitada band.  This is a box from Nov 11, lets get this started shall we…

The wrapper on the Allones Extra comes from the top leaves of the Tapado (which translates to “shade grown tobacco”) – shade grown black Cuban tobacco plant is another characteristic that identifies them. The Allones Extra looks like a dark chocolate bar in front of me. The smells out of the box are cocoa, tea and some strong barnyard aromas. The cigars are well built and no soft spots whatsoever. The foot shows a well bunched cigar.  I clip the triple cap and can taste cocoa, black tea and some spice to the finish. I had been excited to try these after some rest and they look perfect. I paired the cigar with a Cuban mojito or two, made using Cuban rum.


The opening shows a bit of resistance but the cigar opens up quickly, the cocoa transitions over to a main flavour, coupled with a black medium roast coffee. The finish is a bit spicy but not in any harsh or unpleasant ways. The burn is sharp and ash is holding with ease as we move into the second third. Some hints of sweetness begin right around the transition which is similar to eating chilli pepper infused chocolate.

RAAE003Once a bit into the second third, the cigar continues with it’s barnyard flavours, and sweetness of cocoa and dark chocolate. The age has really helped refine some of the flavours present but subtle when these were first released.  Hay, earth and damp cedar really round off the middle of this cigar. Ash remains tight, and holds with ease and the burn is razor sharp. Onto the final third..

RAAE002Once we reach the bands the cigar begins to take off in my opinion, the sweetness that Ramon Allones is known for in the finish was present finally as a front flavour. There is also a great deal of coffee and grassy notes present, the cigar while not extremely complex has a great deal of flavours and the flavours are very pronounced and defined. I have really found this cigar being under welcomed by fellow aficionados this past year, and I understand why, ROTT the cigars were harsh and in some of my circles even considered un-enjoyable back in December 2011, but after a year of rest they have begun to transform into an incredible cigar.

I rated the Ramon Allones, Allones Extra 2011 Edicion Limitada a 96/100. I find that this cigar would consistently deliver what I want in a smoke, flavours that contrast well together, a skinnier gauge which I find to be more enjoyable and a great deal of smoke production. The construction on each one in the box is perfect with almost every cigar being the same as the next.

Final Score 96/100


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