Bolivar Belicosos Finos

Make: BolivarBBF001

Size: Campanas; Pyramid

Length: 140mm; 5.5″

Gauge: 52

Country: Cuba

Wrapper: Cuban

The 3rd addition to the Pyramid series that I have reviewed, joining the Montecristo No.2 and the Partagas P2. These are another standard production Cuban cigar.  Now Bolivar is not my brand of choice, I do enjoy the BGM and the Bolivar regionale releases, I find their standard products to be quite young when packed and I just simply don’t enjoy the blends enough to stock and age these cigars.  These are about 2 years old, with a box dating from 2010.  The wrapper is a bit mottled and very smooth.  The construction firm in areas but also soft in some spots.  I used my table top cutter to get a nice V cut to the torpedo.


The cigar starts out a bit spicy, like pepper and more pepper.  A nice citrus like finish is present and goes well with spice.  Also some cedar notes come and go during the first half, like they are almost finding there place in the cigar. These cigars are not very complex as I am getting not many different flavours, but the flavours present are not a disappointment, and they actually work extremely well together. The ash has held well and the burn remains sharp the entire third.

Once into the second third, you really begin to get some of the traditional flavours from this cigar. Even with almost 2 years on them, the flavour profile is fairly young but maturing well and in a few more years will be a nice full bodied bomb with a complex flavour profile. Nuts, similar to roasted almonds, begin to dominate, the spice is present more on the lips then anything, but its a salty spice

BBF003The final third really provides a good idea of how this cigar is going to be in 2015 or so. Full bodied, coffee, salty caramel, pepper and nuts make the final inch almost a decadent finish with the cigar being so smooth, and the flavours going so well together. I was sad to see it end, but it did bring back some interest to the brand t myself. I do still enjoy Bolivars Regional cigars on a frequent basis. The burn was fairly sharp but some touch ups were required eventually towards the end. This torpedo was also a bit hot to smoke towards the nub.


Final Score 87/100


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