Padron 1926 No.35 Maduro

Padron1926M001Make: Padron

Size: Petit Corona

Length: 4″ or 102mm

Gauge: 48

Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

This cigar was gifted to me by a dear friend a BOTL Mark. This cigar was handed out at his 40th anniversary of smoking and I was thrilled to share the experience with him. Thanks Mark.

Padron has for a long time been a major player in the Cigar business, scoring frequent 90+ in Cigar Aficionado. I personally love the family aspect to the Padron brand. Putting family first is one the most important aspects of life to me. Let’s get this review going.


This short box pressed beauty almost looks like a banded chocolate bar. A dark almost black Maduro leaf wraps the cigar. The standard “cap” adores the top of the cigar. I just peel the cap off after moistening it on my Padron cigars as I find you get a great draw that way and can always clip it if need be. The construction is firm with a well packed foot. The flavours present on the cold draw are some leather and cocoa with some pepper on the finish. Seems smooth and has a great draw.

Once lit the cigar like most Padrons is extremely complex. Sadly upon lighting about 2cm in the wrapper cracked a bit. This didn’t effect the smoke but being so firm to start I believe it could of cracked because of being rolled a bit tight. I taste nuts and some woody notes specifically oak. Leather and spice are on the finish and shows a sharp burn to start. Close to the second third I taste cocoa as well. The finish remaining the same. The smoke is smooth almost velvet like when in your mouth.

p1926m003Into the second third the smoke begins to bring on a meaty flavour, similar to Worcestershire sauce. The cigar begins to gain body and move more to a full bodied smoke. Oak and pepper are still present and the cigar is very complex having so many flavours present all over the cigar. The ash which is a dirty concrete grey has held well and the burn remains sharp.

The final third this cigar begins to have a sweet coffee taste to the finish with a spicy meaty flavour coating your mouth each puff. The woody nutty flavours meld perfectly with the sweet coffee. This cigar is by far the best Padron I have had. A real full bodied little corona that puts one into a state of bliss.


Final Score 94/100


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