Por Larrañaga Montecarlo

Make: Por Larrañaga

Size: Deliciosos; Slim Panetela

Length: 6.3″ or 159mm

Gauge: 33

Country: Cuba

Wrapper: Cuban

The Por Larrañaga Montecarlo is a fairly unknown cigar to the casual cigar smoker as the brand is fairly limited, they only produce 3 vitolas for standard production. But see this all changes for the aficionado as Por larrañaga produces some of the BEST regionals. Their standard Petit Corona is a cigar I feel should be in every smokers humidors. I find all PL do best with at least a few years and best with 5+ now having only smoked cigars for about 11 or so years the trick is to beg (or bribe) your suppliers to search for aged boxes that are stored at the habanos distributors. Well let’s get to it.

The cigar is well made but slightly rugged to the touch and the colours to them when packaged in a box vary from cigar to cigar. Now this is very similar to a Petit Lancero length although the gauge is smaller.  The cigar smells of hay and tobacco and after being cut the tastes are pretty similar. Prior to 2002 these were machine made. Now they are hand made, and the quality has improved in my opinion.  After being lit a bit of vanilla, spices like nutmeg or cinnamon take control and really bring to light some of the best flavours present in his tobacco.

The second third is filled with flavours like cedar, smooth vanilla coffee and a subtle spice note really make this cigar an incredible bang for your buck.  This cigar isn’t very complex but the flavours are there and really make this Cuban a nice smoke for any time, particularly a morning cigar. The ash holds well and burn is sharp. The flavours stay the same until the final inches

The final inches of this cigar begins to get spicier and the body moves from mild-medium to a more medium full bodied cigar. The coffee flavour and cedar still are nice stand out flavours but the cigar is I really enjoy the products PL makes and although not the most expensive cigars some of my favourite breakfast or any time smokes.


Final Score 85/100


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