Cohiba Siglo VI

Make: Cohiba; Siglo Linea

Size: Cañonazo ;Robusto Extra

Length: 150mm / 5.9″

Gauge: 52

Country: Cuba

Wrapper: Cuban

The Siglo Serie are some of my favourite cigar. Everyone a bit different in its own way. The VI is no exception. The six was released in 2002 with high expectations, which it has more then met. Now one of many aficionados favourite Siglo. Let’s get this started. No reason to get into the back story, if interested my Siglo II post has some information.

The wrapper is a smooth milk chocolate colour which has no veins that would effect the visual appearance or the burn. The smells are very grassy and a bit of cocoa. This Cohiba is about 3 years old at the time of smoking. It’s not as young as some of the Cohibas I’ve smoked. About an inch in I start to taste cedar mixed with the baking cocoa. These cigars are always quite complex so I am happy to start with a nice classic Cuban beginning to the cigar.

The second third the ash is still holding with ease and the burn remains sharp, but not razor sharp. The flavours remain and a blast of bold espresso begin to show themselves. Some pepper like spice also is present but it’s very subdued. The finish is very delicate with an almost butterscotch like taste to it. I am very impressed so far with this cigar and how it’s smoked. I know a couple guys who have several boxes from the first year issue, I wonder what they are smoking like today. I’ll have to find out for us. The flavours continue to build on one another and the cigars ash fell about 2 1/2 inches in. The construction remains firm and I am getting an incredible draw even after letting the stick sit sometimes 2-3 minutes between puffs.

The final third has almost opened a door to another world as the spice and coffee being to play a much larger role in the flavor profile then before. The cigar has become very full strength. Happy I chose this as my only cigar of this evening. The Siglo remains very smooth but the pepper notes begin to kick up towards the final inch. A salty sweet almost like caramel gelato flavor is on the finish. This cigar is smoking very well right now. I think it should obviously age for a couple more years to get to its full potential but if you had some from the initial year of 2002, right now you be smoking the best Siglo VI around.


Final score 89/100


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