Liga Undercrown ¡Viva!

Make: Drew Estate, Undercrown

Size: Corona Gordas / Grand Corona

Length: 143mm or 5 5/8″

Gauge: 46

Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Mexican San Andres Negro


Drew Estate is at it again with another incredible addition to the Undercrown line with the Corona ¡Viva! This cigar has a beautiful Maduro wrapper which is almost darker looking then the wrappers on other Undercrowns I have but it’s the same wrapper. The band is the standard Undercrown blue and gold and the cigars are sweet smelling with no veins present. The wrapper while smooth, is also toothy in areas. The corona is well constructed and appears to be bunched well by the looks of the foot.

Once punched with my DuPont the cold draw produces some sweet red licorice flavours as well as citrus and a finish almost of jelly beans or trix cereal.

The first third starts very smooth and some cedar and mild spice are dominate at the start. There is the cocoa flavour that I always get in all the Liga products, as well as a nice punch of spice notes to it. I heard from a friend who had a conversation with Mr. Jonathan Drew that the Undercrown ¡viva! had an extra Ligero leaf to ensure its strength would be powerful enough for it’s smaller gauge.

The second half makes its way with some cedar and cocoa on the draw but a spicy salty finish in the lips and mouth almost like salt and pepper. I can still taste the tobacco a bit as well but I enjoy those flavours as well. I feel that all we taste usually is tobacco and our personal thoughts and memories help with pulling out flavours present in the smoke.

The final third has a lot of complexity from Caramel popcorn and dark chocolate. Also the salt and pepper finish has become even more dominate at this point and it’s almost like freshly cut, fried and seasoned French fries. This has pushed ahead of the robusto in my opinion of best vitola for the Undercrown blend. It’s a lot like the Liga unico serie blends and the Undercrown mashed into one incredible cigar. I have already ordered another box to age and have a few singles left from my friend who passed me these to review.


Final score is 92/100


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