Partagas Serie P No.2

Make: Partagas; Serie P No.2

Size: Pirámides

Length: 156 or 6.1″

Gauge: 52

Country: Cuba

Wrapper: Cuban

The Partagas brand is one that can go toe to toe with any other Cuban brand any time but in my opinion, Partagas blends have legs and age far better then most others. While with a fresh box you can enjoy that rich tobacco flavour matched with cedar and the Cuban twang of hay, manure. It’s what some of us love in a Cuban  But what if you could get those flavours and more from a cigar? Well you can when you let your cigars age. Partagas are known to be a quality brand with quite a bit of history with them. I’ve reviewed a few other Partagas blends but the Serie P is a blend that when aged can push its way ahead of an aged Montecristo 2 or even the new Cohiba Pirámides Extra. What sets these apart is the ability to remain very smooth and have a full bodied strength to it that can put you down for the count if you’re not expecting it. Let’s get to what everyone’s interested in.

The cigar was picked from a box from 2009. So it had roughly 2-3 years of age to it. The others will remain aged for time to come as I hardly smoke these. Now don’t get me wrong here, these are great cigars right off the truck (ROTT) I just prefer them with some age to them. Who doesn’t. The wrapper is a smooth light tan almost like wet sand. The construction is near flawless with no veins present in the wrapper and a well bunched and packed foot is visible. I find Partagas has just as high quality control  over their products as Cohibas or Trinidad

Once cut I can taste leather, barnyard, and some earth. A bit of spice in the finish but let’s fire this up. Once lit I taste mild espresso notes as well as cedar and some leather. The spice contributes to a very complex finish and makes this cigar very enjoyable. The burn is good but not razor sharp.

Into the second half the cigar begins to take on a more nutty, earthen flavour which means this cigar is beginning to show some age. The spice is all but gone but a sweet, almost butterscotch finish. I would love to keep these flavours going but the cigar is burning a bit quick. Maybe due to age or the fact that it’s been dry lately and I am smoking this on the patio.

The final third almost combines all the flavours into a very delicate smooth finish. With roasted almonds and a peppery salty finish this cigar has been ageing wonderfully. I will check back on this box in a year to see how they’ve changed. All in all the cigar lasted about an hour and forty five minutes which is a little shorter then I expected. I would of rated my first one of these a 90-91 but after some time they have begin to age perfectly. More time and these will be a 95+ rated cigar.


Final score is a 94/100


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