Cain F Lancero

Make: Cain

Size: Lancero

Length: 178mm or 7″

Gauge: 38

Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano

The Cain F lancero is the first cigar I have smoked from this brand, and I will tell you right now, they are quite an amazing lancero. The blend is comprised of 25% Esteli Ligero, 27% Condega Ligero, 30% Jalapa Ligero. These are hand rolled, long filler cigars made in Nicaragua, blended by the Oliva company. The cigar came in a red tubo with a yellow cap.  Two bands adored the foot of this cigar, one which was a red and gold band said “Cain F” on it. The other was black and gold with “studio tobac” and their logo printed on it.

The wrapper is flawless with little to no veins visible. The colour reminded me of an aged leather bag. The wrapper while smooth had a bit of tooth to it, and it was finished with a triple cap. The smells off the cigar were very unique to me, a bit of dried pasta and peppermint gave me an idea of what to possibly expect but what I am in store for is nothing like this.

Once lit the first half was quite dry. The burn was sharp and the smoke abundant. A few flashes of cedar bring back memories of sitting on the patio over the summer smoking a cigar while the kids play. Brown sugar and a bit of salt provide a nice finish to the draw and lips. I would consider these flavours to be capable of holding their own against most other lanceros I have enjoyed and the combination of ligeros make this cigar very full bodied.

The second half remains quite similar but a bit of spice makes its way forward and provides a nice build up of flavours. The complexity of each draw begins to make this cigar very flavourful as hints of woody cedar and, peppermint begin to fuse with warm creamy coffee and leather with a salty finish to the lips. While the whole time the ash held very well for a lancero and burned razor sharp, never needing a touch up or anything.

Closing thoughts are that this while a rare cigar I hear, is pretty affordable and a very good lancero for someone who questions the strength of this gauge and wants a punch to their cigar still.  If you’re not smoking lanceros once a day, you are doing it all wrong.


Final rating is a 91/100


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