Trinidad Fundadores

Make: Trinidad

Size: Laguito Especial; Lonsdale

Length: 192

Gauge: 40

Country: Cuba

Wrapper: Cuban

The Fundadores or “the founder” is one of those cigars where a bunch of stories have been made up about it.  What I will focus on here isn’t the bull, but the facts.  In 1997 this cigar was available in for sale, as some may want to call a pre-release. In 1998 the brand was available in most countries. The cigars are rolled at the same factory that Cohibas used to be produced in before being moved to the “Partagas” factory.  The Trinidad brand was named after the 16th Century city of La Santísima Trinidad, that translates to The Holy Trinity. I paired this cigar with a Cuban libre.

The cigar is very similar to the Reyes only longer, which is a great thing. A smooth milk chocolate wrapper with a neatly applied pig tail triple cap.  No veins are present at all and this cigar smells amazing. Some warm nut flavours really hit home and a the traditional Cuban grassy, manure smell is dominate.  There isn’t a lot to say the cigar is very simple and elegantly presented with a small band.

The surprise that greets you when you first light this cigar is why many people say aged Cuban cigars are the best smokes hands down. The tobacco is very well blended where you get a nice flavour of fresh coffee with a smack of hay to the finish.  It’s amazing what a few years can do to a cigar, these flavours continue into the second half.


The second half is almost too much to ask for from one cigar. A LOT of guys don’t smoke small gauge cigars, and I don’t know why.  This monster is full of full bodied flavours, a bit of leather on the finish along with a strong bold coffee flavour with a hint of some spice.  The ash holds for about an inch to inch and a half at times and burns very sharply. 

The cigar finishes just like you would imagine, very full flavoured. The leather is still present on the finish while a smooth very mild vanilla cream coats the mouth during the draw which provides the backdrop to that coffee flavour which has been present throughout the entire cigar.  A bit of cedar returns to say goodbye as it seems and the cigar comes to a finish.  I rate this Fundadores a 95/100 and it’s a must have in any aficionados humidor.



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