Liga Privada T-52 Toro

Make: Drew Estate; Liga Privada

Size:  Parejo; Toro

Length: 6”

Gauge: 52

Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper: “Stalk Cut Habano” Connecticut Broadleaf

One of the more exciting things about this cigar is the wrapper which has apparently not been used as a wrapper on other cigars in the past.  The “Stalk Cut Habano” is apparently a much different process than how tobacco is usually picked, which is from the bottom up.  In this case the whole plant is cut and hung to dry. I was looking forward to trying these for a while but due to shortage on specific parts of the blend. These cigars were pretty tough to find for a while. Thanks to a good friend I received a few in the mail to enjoy and review. So lets get this started.

The wrapper is a oily dark slightly mottled chestnut brown.  The wrapper while toothy was also smooth in some areas. There were a few veins present which really provided a nice contrast in the depth of colours in the wrapper. The foot exposed a well bunched and blended cigar.  The smell off the foot was of freshly cooked home made pasta.  A neatly applied triple cap finished off this beautiful cigar.

After cutting the top I could taste a bit of “candy like” sweet peppermint flavour. Like a soft after dinner mint. I paired this cigar with Veuve Clicquot champagne as it was my wife’s birthday when I smoked it.  It was nice pairing and I will continue to pair my cigars with whatever I am in the mood for, because life it way to short to just drink scotch and coffee with cigars.

The first third provided a bit of oak and that deliciousness spice that is a staple in the Liga Privada blends. The spice is complemented in the Veuve with some ginger notes and a bit of peppery spice that is present in the champagne. I love pairing cigars with Veuve, which is my wife and I’s favourite champagne. 

Their is a great deal of smoke that comes from every Liga I have ever smoked. It’s an amazing cigar and I have said this plenty of times, If I could smoke Liga Privada blends all day every day I would.  They are at the same level as ANY Cubans of today, and in my opinion very few Cuban blends can compete with what Jonathan Drew and Mr. Saka are producing in Nicaragua today.

The second third begins to provide more flavour twists I have heard about in this blend but have not experienced.  A taste of cinnamon pastry flavour begins to show up on the exhale.  The spice is still a dominate player here but it’s almost a creamy spice where there is not a bite to it in any way.  After reaching past the half way mark, I began to taste some toasted nuts, reminded me of roasted almonds.  The cigar has something to it that I can’t put into words well but a flavour like a warm bread pudding.  

The final third was just a blend of all the above flavours except the spice which has completely disappeared. I was very impressed with the flavours this cigar has, and the special wrapper really provides a distinct difference between the Liga Privada No. 9.  I love the stuff Drew Estate is rolling currently and I wish it was easier to get a hold of in Canada!



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