Cohiba Siglo V

Make: Cohiba

Size: Dalias; Lonsdale

Length: 170

Gauge: 43

Country: Cuba

Wrapper: Cuban

The Siglo V was the last of the original Siglo linea that launched in 1994.  The Siglo VI was released a short time later in 2002.  This sample came from a 2006 box and was very happy with the result after 5 years on these Lonsdales. Lonsdales are some of my favourite sized cigars. So it’s no surprise that the Siglo V and II are two of my favourites from the Siglo series.

The wrapper is a perfect shade of milk chocolate. The standard expertly applied triple cap adorns the top of this Cohiba. After cutting the cap with my desktop cutter, I can taste the classic barnyard Cohiba flavour. Grassy, with damp earth. The wrapper is a bit salty on the lips which helped provide a nice finish. One word describes this, Cuban.

Once lit, it’s almost as if I was taken to Cuba and placed in the fields where this tobacco was grown. The finish continues to be salty. I also taste a bit of cedar and some of coffee flavour. The coffee is almost like a warm Italian blend, very bold. I love the grassy flavour that comes from the Siglo linea. Also present is the typical leather and vanilla bean that I always find to be perfect underlying notes on the exhale. These flavours continue for a majority of the first half of the cigar.

Also present during the first half to second half transition, was a bit of spice but nothing overpowering. I also tasted a bit of dried tropical fruit. Like those pieces found in some trail mixes. The coffee bean was very nice and added quite a bit of depth to the cigar. This cigar could sit for 4-5 minutes per puff and have a ton of smoke on each draw still.  The flavours change from bold coffee and leather to a sweet creamy grassy flavour. I love the sizes for the Siglo line up. It provides a great wrapper to filler ratio.  Even with the Siglo VI which is a larger gauge cigar, you can still taste the wrapper a bit

The final third is a very bold espresso with a salty leathery finish. Every now and then a bit of vanilla bean would pop in.  The grassy flavour has mostly parted ways with my taste buds and for the finish I don’t mind the cigar becoming more full bodied.  It provided me a chance to really sit back and just relax.

I would rank this as my favourite Siglo. As much as I love to smoke a Siglo II every morning with the newspaper and a cup of  coffee. The experience and depth of flavours present in the V make it the crown jewel of the Siglo Linea in my opinion.  Until tomorrow, Happy smoking.



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