Daruma By Room 101

Make: Room 101; Daruma

Size: Sucio; Churchill

Length: 7”

Gauge: 48

Country: Honduras

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

The Room 101 blend of the Daruma was a much awaited cigar to many of the Matt Booth / Room 101 fans. I was lucky enough to get to sample this and was very happy with the first Daruma I smoked.

The wrapper is a dark chocolate colour with small veins present.  The foot showed a well blended and bunched cigar.  The two I was given were very well constructed, being slightly firm in some spots with a neatly applied triple cap. After clipping the cap, I could taste coffee and a bit of oak to the finish.

Once lit there is a very, very powerful punch of espresso which continues for about an inch.  The smoke is very abundant.  The draw seems perfect to start, which is a great sign.  I begin to taste nuts, specifically peanuts, also leather on the finish.  These are incredibly rich cigars, and a great full bodied smoke. Hardly 3 inches in and I begin feeling so relaxed I didn’t move other than to write these notes. I must add, that I didn’t take many pictures of the smoking process because I was so relaxed.  The ash held for about 4 inches; almost half the cigar.

About half way I was hit again with the spice, a white pepper flavour that is almost TOO spicy for me, and this came out of nowhere, one minute it was as smooth as could be  and yet the next puff was a flavour bomb. This continued for about 20 to 30 minutes.  The espresso flavour was almost gone I thought and it was simply spice and leather remaining, which I don’t mind. These flavours reminded me of a Cuban Bolivar.

Around the final third,  the espresso and a bitter vanilla bean finish on the exhale was a predominate flavour, just like the spice appeared, it seemed to disappear.  I was very impressed with these cigars and hope to find some more soon. I found the Daruma to be a very smooth and well rounded cigar. I was impressed with the flavour profile on this new Room 101 blended Daruma, and recommend you go out and try them if you have not already. Cheers and happy smoking.



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