Partagas Shorts

Make: Partagas

Size: Minutos; Petit Corona

Length: 110

Gauge: 42

Country: Cuba

Wrapper: Cuban

The Partagas Short, one of the finest produced quick smoke out of Cuba for the individual who smokes a few cigars a day, this is by far one of the best to toss in during a ride to work or during a nice outdoor lunch hour (indoor if you have the ability also works). I find these to be very affordable cigar, priced under 10$ each.  For this review I actually smoked two shorts but one was from an aged 2003 box.  These are a great stick to grab and let age if you can help yourself.  Available in boxes of 25 or 50.

The wrapper on each of these were pretty consistent, a nice toothy cinnamon coloured wrapper with a fair bit of plume on each. The smell from the foot is a barnyard scent of hay, manure and damp cedar. To begin I cut with my St.Dupont cutter as it was all I had with me at the time, I do prefer my desktop cutter over any other but a Palio provides the cleanest cut in my opinion while on the road. The taste off the cold draw is spice, a bit of pepper but also a slightly tang to it, almost a bitter citrus flavour which I approved of.

Once lit the spice really kicks in and you feel like you’re smoking the Partagas Lusitanias which is a much larger vitola, but no you’re still smoking the short.  The spice of black pepper dominates the palate, while the exhale provides a woody cedar flavour.

The taste begins to mild down but only for an inch or so.  Dark chocolate and bold espresso break through and make an impression that they may not stick around but they do.  The flavour at this point really reminds me of a dark chocolate bar with cayenne pepper mixed into it.  I have had a few chocolate candies like this before and this cigar really hits those flavours spot on.

At the final third the spice has built up to become the dominate flavour again but it’s more of a medium bodied spice as it comes to the close. The coffee notes linger here and there but they are for the most part gone. A hint of dark chocolate remains on the finish but these little firecrackers are honestly a quick smoke, clocking in around a half hour to forty five minute burn.

One of the shorts I sampled for this review was from a “vintage” 2003 box.  The wrapper was covered in plume and the Band ring had begun foil oxidization.  I love this cigar and would recommend it to any cigar smoker or friend.  I often hand these out to my friends when meeting for a lunch or a quick meeting for drinks.



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