My Father, Atlantic Cigar Co. 15th Anniversary

Make: My Father

Size: Robusto, Box Pressed

Length: 5 1/2″

Gauge: 52

Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Criollo

Straight from Atlantic Cigars:

Our second instalment of four exclusive 15th Anniversary limited releases is the winter release by My Father Cigars. The My Father Atlantic 15th Anniversary box-pressed Robusto was created by the Garcia family to celebrate our 15th years in business. While visiting the Garcia family & the famed My Father Cigar Factory in Nicaragua we came up with the idea, after smoking a few My Fathers, to try a box-pressed version of the blend. We decided to base the blend on the original My Father cigar, with some tweaks to the filler tobaccos. Samples were presented while watching Cuban Baseball at Pepin’s house where we all enjoyed them over good Cuban rum. The tobaccos were hand-selected for this project personally by Jaime Garcia. Under his careful eye the cigars were rolled by their best torcedors in a one-time only small batch run. The blend uses a Cuban seed wrapper grown in Ecuador by the Oliva Tobacco Co., historically some of the best wrapper in the business, blended with rich Nicaraguan binder & filler tobaccos. Additional ageing rounds out this wonderful smoke making it ultra smooth & extremely well balanced with just the right amount of spice & strength. The cigars are packed in traditional My Father style boxes of 15 cigars. 400 boxes total have been produced for Atlantic Cigar Company in this limited edition release for our celebration and your enjoyment.

Now with all that out of the way, these are incredible cigars. I own one of the 400 boxes made, and for this review I have sampled 2 of them. While I normally smoke 5 cigars to write a review, these are a pretty limited cigar and I also really love the blend used. At the time of writing I didn’t have the box with me to put into the post. Sorry to say but it’s a beautiful lacquered box like most of the My Fathers come in, with the band inlaid into the top. The words “Atlantic Cigar Company 15th Anniversary” are printed in gold on the lid under the band. 15 cigars are neatly box pressed into a very impressive package.

To begin the wrapper was a very light tan colour. With the smell of hay and damp cedar. The box press is a nice addition to the my father. Soon after cutting this with my table top savinelli cutter I begin to taste a punch of spice, which is fairly common on the Don Pepin blends. This spice almost a white pepper begins to mild down while gaining a bit of a sweet finish to it close to a fresh maple syrup.

These flavours continue to go a head and continue for the first third. At about half way into the cigar, the sweet syrup flavour is gone and a salty finish from the wrapper develops. It provides a nice contrast to the spice and I am preferring these flavours over the first third. Almost out of nowhere the spice is gone and a blast of bold coffee takes my taste buds for a ride. This coffee flavour is met with that salty finish and it really is an incredible cigar so far.

As we come to a finish in the final third I must say that the burn on this cigar has been superb. Sharp and clean with a lot of smoke, these my fathers are some of the best I have smoked from the brand. The consistency across the few I smoked for this review were pretty spot on to one another. The flavours have really come together now. The spice has returned and when combined with the coffee flavours, I can begin to really taste almost a Moroccan spiced espresso. Once I hit the nub I was tasting a salty finish time to time but was also tasting faintly the maple flavour. Not sweet but there on the finish with that salty notes. I smoked this down to less then a couple centimetres each time.

I felt this cigar was one of the best my father blends I’ve tried and while I have 10 or so resting I will be sure to grab another box before they are gone forever. Visit to purchase.



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