Montecristo Open Regeta

Make: Montecristo; Open Regata

Size: Forum; Petit Pyramid

Length: 135mm

Gauge: 46

Country: Cuba


The Open series was created in 2009 as a lighter blend, aimed for people partaking in activities. With golfers and fisherman specifically in mind I believe they wanted to make a cigar that wouldn’t overpower a person while engaging in something more then sitting in a chair smoking.  This particular size was created specifically for this line up.  The Regeta was originally going to be call the ‘Albatros” but was changed before final release.  I enjoy these smokes, maybe because they are lighter but I do not typically ever sit down to smoke. I am always busy and when I do sit down for a smoke it’s usually with a few drinks as well.  I paired this tasting with some of my favourite The Kraken Black Spiced Rum.  It has an amazing caramel spice profile that goes well with cigars.

At first glance this cigar looks like a miniature No.2 size and colour wise.  It has the standard brown Montecristo band with the fleur-de-Lis.  A second forest green band with gold trim are below it, with OPEN embossed in gold type and Regata below in a smaller white text. The Open series come in boxes of 20 or 3 packs and are priced similarly to other Montes. This came from a box stamped April 09.

The foot smells of cedar and fresh tobacco, very “cubanesque”. Wrapper is a bit oily and consistent in colour, and the point looks very well constructed. I clip the point and begin to taste hay, a bit of lemon grass and a hint of caramel on the finish. As I fire it up, you really begin to taste the hey and caramel on the draw.  A smooth smoke billows from this cigar. Towards the middle I have tasted some nuts so far, I would say close to a hazelnut, and a bit of licorice.

As I reach the second half the ash holds well and it’s sharp burn but often needs to correct itself.  I never had to touch it up.  The flavours are very monotone and the nuts and licorice have long disappeared.  All I am tasting is mild tobacco and a bit of hay and cedar, nothing to write home about. Towards the nub I am getting a bit of coffee notes but they are only present occasionally.

I do not understand how these cigars can be so mild but they are.  I do enjoy the Open line and I know a lot of other smokers think they are garbage.  I personally enjoy the tobacco taste, and I am a big fan of Montecristo.  That said I feel these had suffered from bad reviews due to how young they were when released.  I said this box was dated 09 but I am writing this review in 2012 and they are smoking much better.  I suggest getting some and letting them sit for a while, or find a box with a year on them already. I can say I do have boxes of this and the Eagle size in my collection.  Until next time, Happy smoking.



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