Macanudo Cru Royale

Make: Macanudo

Size: Robusto

Length: 5”

Gauge: 50

Country: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican and Nicaraguan blend

Now I will start this by saying, I never smoke Macanudo’s for several reasons, which I won’t get into here.  It’s not the time nor place to discuss other lines the brand makes.  I saw these at a local brick and mortar store and was given a few by the owner. He knows I basically try everything that came into his shop at one time, and was happy to let me sample the first couple from a box he had received earlier that morning.

At first glance the cigar has a oily, thick brown wrapper which smells woody like cedar trees.  The foot smells of grass and hay. A new blue, silver and black band adorn this new blend with “Macanudo” and “Cru Royale” printed on it. After clipping the cap, which was well placed on the top of the cigar, I tasted some fig and a bit of coffee. I took a flame to the foot and as soon as it was lit, I could taste a wonderful nutty, coffee almost almond flavours immediately.  These flavours remained for the first half or so.  So far this cigar has been a nice smoke but has not had any change in flavours.. SIGH.  On a positive note the burn was consistent, and ash was a nice salt and pepper colour.

Once I reached the second half the ash is still holding with ease it seems.  The flavour of nuts has began to subside a bit and a nice bread-like flavour has come into the picture.  Every now and then at this point I can getting some cherry and aged white grape flavours, like a rose wine. Close to the finale I am getting strong cedar from the wrapper and a chocolate taste.  It’s present at this point but almost fades away and comes back to often to really enjoy.

Now this is a good cigar, and the others I were given were very similar to how I reviewed this one.  The only thing I would be concerned with is why the flavours faded so quickly as well as how the first half was very “boring” in my opinion.  I would suggest getting a 5 pack or a single to try it for yourself.  Until next time, happy smoking.



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