Tatuaje Black Label Petit Lancero

Make: Tatuaje; Black Label

Size: Panatela

Length: 38

Gauge: 6

Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sungrown Criollo in a Colorado Shade

Now these are hard to find, as it is in the states where this brand is readily available. But a fellow BOTL send me a couple handfuls of these to sample and boy oh boy do I appreciate it. Thank you Tony. Anyway, band less you would mistake this for a Cuban with how well they are made.

At first glance you can notice from the pictures, a consistent milk chocolate coloured wrapper with a few veins in it but have mostly been smoothed down. A wonderful ‘Cuban’ like triple cap adorns the top of the cigar. The foot smells of pepper and grass, after cutting the cap, you can really taste that classic peppery spice, which is a distinct feature of the Tatuaje brand. I am eager to try these as I have heard some wonderful things.

Once I fire it up, you can really taste the pepper, but it finishes with a sweet wild flower honey. These flavours meld with some woody flavours. I tasted oak for a long while during the first half. About the half way marker some cedar begins to come out while the pepper seemed to mellow out for a bit. While I consider this a spicy cigar, by every means it is extremely smooth and full bodied.

As I pull into the second half, you can taste the honey, and a bold espresso flavour on the finish. The spice while mellow still dominates the flavours. A hint of aged cherry similar to a wine began to come out towards the last inch. I smoked this guy down to about a half inch and every puff was divine. While a difficult to find cigar, if possible get your hands on a few. I would highly recommend them to my friends who enjoy a stronger cigar. This cigar took about an hour to smoke which was a nice end to a evening with some Havana Club reserve. Happy smoking, Cheers.



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