Cuaba Exclusivos

Make: Cuaba

Size: Exquisitos; Perfecto

Length: 145mm

Gauge: 46”

Country: Cuba

These are a true gem when it comes to flavour potential.  The Cuaba Exclusivos, are a really uniquely blended cigar.  These are in my opinion the most mild of the Cuaba linea.  The only downside in some peoples opinion is they only come in boxes of 25. The figurado cigar shape was very popular in the early days. Habanos decided to revive the British tradition of smoking figurado cigars and decided to introduce the Cuaba cigar brand in London, England.

The smell on the Cuaba is grassy and a bit like a farm.  In other words, a Cuban cigar.  The wrapper was a beautiful burnt brown, almost a reddish hue to it.  The shape is a figurado/perfecto which are pretty unique now a days.  After clipping the cap you still taste grass.  Once I lit up, a sweet almost honey like flavour is complemented with, hay.  This cigar while a cigar I smoke from time to time, is very bland in flavour.  There is not a roller-coaster of complexity here, if you’re looking for that check out the Cuaba Divinos, which a review is already written and will be posted soon here at acanadiangentleman. 

While much of the honey, hey and sweet grass flavours continue on this cigar during the second half, a bit of cedar and maybe some floral notes, honey sickle? arrive.  The burn remains decent, self correcting itself from time to time.  One of the issues I have with this shape is the lack of a clean burn usually.  But that has more to do with the shape then the construction of the cigars.  Like I also noted, they do not usually need to be relit or touched up, it just lacks a consistent sharp burn.

Once we reach the band, the flavours begin to change.  A bit of warm nutty flavour takes over the hey.  The honey and floral notes mesh well with the nuttiness and they create a nub that is one heck of a ending.  These are a good buy for a new smoker or someone who prefers mild or medium bodied cigars. Cheers and until next time, happy smoking. 



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