Trinidad Reyes

Make: Trinidad

Size: Reyes; Petit Corona

Length: 110”

Gauge: 40

Country: Cuba

The Trinidad brand is considered a niche brand, and was only introduced to the public in February 1998. Previous to this Trinidads were used as diplomatic gifts, and only made in one size, which was the Fundadores.
More sizes were added after the launch in 2004, Coloniales, Robusto Extra and Reyes. There have been other releases since then but as of today only a couple sizes are still produced. I personally enjoy the medium bodied cigars made by Trinidad, and I am happy they continue to produce some of my favourite smokes.

The Reyes are a size of their own or Petit corona, with a triple cap with a pigtail. The wrapper is a beautiful chocolate brown. Several small veins were present but in the end did not affect any burn or consistency. The cigar smells of cedar, earth and tobacco. Not a bad start in my opinion. The foot shows a wonderfully bunched blend of tobacco, very dark and colourful.

After the cap is cut I can taste almost brown sugar on the dry draw. After firing it up I lost that flavour all together and begun to get a spicy, caramel flavour. These flavours mixed with a bit of cedar were present for the entire first half of the cigar. I must say this is one of the nicest Reyes I’ve yet to experience.

As I reach the second half I begin to reach deeper into a flavour profile very unexpected for a petit corona. As the caramel begins to fade, a wonderful almond, nutty flavour begins to jump in and out at you, from draw to draw. Also the cedar is still very much present and maybe even the dominate flavour now, almost a woody taste, like a morning out back poolside, with wet cedars lining the yard. The cigar is still very smooth, and that is very much a trait of Trinidad.

As I reach the nub the nutty flavour dominates the palate with the cedar almost falling out of picture. Towards the end, dark roast black coffee taste lingers in the mouth after each draw. I smoke these down pretty far to the end, and enjoy every puff. Happy smoking and until next time, Cheers.



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