Padron Family Reserve 85th Maduro

Make: Padron; Family Reserve

Size: Robusto

Length: 5 1/4

Gauge: 50

Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Nicaragua Maduro

Padron makes a wonderful Puro, and they implore much of the same ideas that the Cubans do with regards to the manufacturing of their cigars. This Padron Family Reserve 85th cigar was created to celebrate the brands founder Jose Orlando Padron’s 85th birthday.

The wrapper was very dark chocolate brown, also very toothy.  The cap very small like most Padrons, and the triple band which is standard on the Family Reserve line.   The primary band which is burgundy and says “Padron Family Reserve 1964” attached a second band and has the serial number of the cigar. A bold red with gold trim third band follows which has the words “85 years” embossed on it.

After clipping the cap with my German steel cigar scissors I begin to taste chocolate and a bit of coffee.  Which is pretty nice for such a full bodied cigar.  I really like Padron because they don’t try to replicate any other brands, they simply have their own style and taste which is unique to their lines of smokes.  The high end cigars they make such as the ones in the Family Reserve collection, are extremely complex and it’s a great thing in the cigar world.  Towards the middle of the cigar the ash has held well and the burn while not perfectly sharp, always corrects itself without needing a touch up.

As the second half of this progresses, I begin to taste a bit of mango or maybe tangerine to it, definitely a citrus of some kind.  Also a bit of woody flavours come and go, cedar, oak and even a bit of nutmeg is present.  I love the complexity these cigars begin to offer once you reach the “sweet spot”,robust fresh coffee and chocolate continue to be the primary players in this cigars flavour.  While a bit spicy, you can’t help but call this a smooth cigar.

As I reach the end, the cigar has kept it’s cocoa flavours and coffee although at this point, I would say it’s closer to an espresso. The cigar has held true to the family name and been an incredible example of what can be grown in Nicaragua and how the Nicaraguan puro cigars are giving the Cubans a run for their money nowadays. I would recommend getting a box of these, or at least a few singles to try, if you’re a full bodied smoker this is one you shouldn’t pass by again.  Until next time, happy smoking.



2 thoughts on “Padron Family Reserve 85th Maduro

  1. Great writing as usual, for me Padrons has special place in my heart. I’ve smoked everything they make but this one which is on the top of my shopping list.

    Padrons has a core of Coffee, Cocoa, Leather and cedar along with pepper, they get more complex with age. And I’m interested to meet that mango sense because complex cigars usually has that feel of tropical fruits.

    Best regards and happy smokes to you too my friend

    • Yeah a great cigar and the fruit was a welcome addition for a cigar that was already very complex. Def try one when you can an let me know what you think. I also love your blog mate. Always reviewing cigars I’ve never tried keep it up my friend and thanks for always checking mine out.

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