Montecristo No.2

Make: Montecristo; No.2

Size: Pirámides

Length: 156cm or 6.1″

Gauge: 52

Country: Cuba

The Montecristo brand is one of the finest brands out of cuba, and the No. 2 is a staple and a cigar that companies try to replicate. This is one of the last few I have from a 06 box and what a treat they are. The first thing you notice about them is the perfect construction, each one exactly the same. This is by far the best example of what Montecristo is capable of at a standard production level. This is one of those cigars you tell your cigar buddies about after you try it for the first time.

Once you look at the construction you notice the beautiful Habano wrapper and perfect torpedo shape. I love to enjoy the 2 with a V-cut. I know a lot of my friends hate the V but I enjoy it and usually at the laser third cut it to get a nice clean draw for the finish. On the pre light draw you taste grass and a flavour I only can describe as early morning runs along the coast of Naples Florida. The foot smells like cedar and classic Cuban tobacco.

During the first third you really get into the smooth creamy flavour that dominates a well aged No.2 this flavour is often attempted to be copied, but none are the same. There will only be one original and this is that one. Aside from a bit of pepper here and there the first half of this cigar is very creamy.

The second half really begins to pick up in strength and it’s a welcome sweet spot as you reach the pinnacle of what Cuban cigars have that non Cubans try to replicate and that is complexity. The ability to go from creamy smooth favours to earthen tobacco coupled with vanilla spice and cinnamon are unmatched by most non Cuban brands on the market. Once you reach the final inch and a half you begin to go back to where it all started with the sweet smell of Florida and Cuban tobacco.

A bit into the end the cigar has taken you to several past memories where the favours remind you of a favorite childhood smell or taste. I always let the No.2 age a year minimum to get some depth to them. But if you’re lucky to find a box with 10+ years buy them and don’t share 😉 as these are a true example of what Cuba is capable of in regards to quality and consistency.



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