God of Fire 2006 Carlito Churchill

Make: God of Fire

Size: Churchill

Length: 7”

Gauge: 48

Country: Dominican

Wrapper: Cameroon

The god of fire brand is one I was always interested in so when I was gifted one by a friend I was excited to try it. But as I only had one I let it rest, for almost a year.

Once I took this out of my humidor, the awesome bands really stuck out to me. Two red bands one with the God of fire logo another with the name Carlito 2006 a beautiful Churchill with a perfect habano like wrapper. One issue I had was the amount of pectin or glue from the bands that was visible around that part of the cigar. Which for a $25+ cigar is a bit upsetting.

The foot you could smell a faint vanilla spice as well as see the beautiful complex tobacco blend. Upon the draw you could taste the vanilla and some hints of cedar. This cigar if blind tasted I would of thought Cuban right away. The vanilla and warm spice flavour carried throughout the first half of this cigar.

Well into the second third and the ash is still holding coupled with a nice sharp burn. The vanilla is still present but more of a secondary flavour to the spice and leather that begin to dominate your palate. I also was getting a bit of cherry here and tannins. About a cm or two past the halfway mark the ash finally fell. What a cigar so far the complexity of this blend matches many Cubans I’ve sampled.

As I reach the bands the pectin has no effect on the cigars flavour or burn so it was just a visual blemish and nothing to hold against the cigar. The final third here really mellows out and becomes a true cubanesque flavour. The creamy vanilla with a nice mild but still strong tasting tobacco really gives this cigar high status in my book. I will be keeping my eyes open to find a box of these soon.



2 thoughts on “God of Fire 2006 Carlito Churchill

  1. I only had one and stayed away from it because of many factors, being a milder cigar in my book, I’m not the Fuentes biggest fan and the availability of the cigar.

    • I would definitely agree with it being a milder cigar then what I normally see you smoking. If you get a chance and find a good one, try it again the age may or maynot have helped them. I wouldn’t mind a box but for the price of of a box of cohibas I doubt I would buy them for almost the 300 dollars per 10 cigars where as I can get 10 bhk52 for almost the same price.

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