Alec Bradley Tempus Creo

Size: Lancero

Length: 7 1/2”

Gauge: 41

Country: Various

Wrapper : Honduras Criollo

Filler : Honduras, Nicaragua

Binder : Honduras Criollo, Indonesian Embetunada

20120812-133550.jpgThis cigar was one of the few Alec Bradley’s I have sampled. Now while I do have access to this brand locally up in Canada, I find it to generally not be of the highest quality, for several reasons. The flavours are always to monotone for myself.

This AB had a perfect wrapper and although a bit stiff it was constructed well. The foot you can smell a sweet flavour, I personally could smell black currant as well as some cedar. Upon lighting the cigar some of those flavours translated over and you could taste the cedar and currant for a good portion of the first half.

After I have reached the second third I begin to run into some spice and pepper. Maybe a bit of leather as well, but not much of those flavours are present more then a few puffs.

At the end I begun to run into a few issues. I had to relight the cigar 5-6 times as it was plugged at one point or several but the wrapper also busted at the end leaving me with almost an inch and a half of cigar I couldn’t smoke.

Alec Bradley has yet to impress me again. I hope that the Prensado Churchill I have in my humidor is not a disappointment as well. While I do feel the cigar had a great flavour and was enjoyable. The simple fact that I couldn’t smoke it without difficulty on 3 occasions makes my impression that construction issues are still present commonly in the AB brand.



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