Drew Estate Liga Privada No.9

Make: Drew Estate; Liga Privada No. 9

Size:  Double Corona

Length: 7”

Gauge: 52

Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper : Connecticut Broadleaf Ligero Oscuro

Filler : Honduran/Dominican

Binder : Brazilian

Now the first thing you notice on the cigars is the amazing construction and colour of the wrapper, which is a lush dark chocolate colour.  Very toothy.  An amazing cigar visually.  The band is simple and elegant, “Hecho Exclusivamente Para El Jefe”  which translates to; Made Exclusively for the Boss as well as Parejo Oscuro. The band also had the lion emblem which is a symbol of the brand.

I almost didn’t want to light this cigar as it looked so good, and I only had 1 remaining. Who knows when I was going to have another chance to buy a box, as they fly off the shelves down in the states and are non existent up here in Canada, at least at the places I shop.

So after I cut the cap, all you could smell was spice and particularly pepper as well as leather.  I enjoyed how the flavour was mellow and not overpowering like you would expect from such a full bodied cigar.  As the first third was progressing all I was thinking about was how sharp the burn was on this cigar, Like a razor.

As we reached the second third the spice was still there, but it was still very smooth.  As I reached the halfway mark on this beautiful cigar, a wonderful oak flavour came out of nowhere and started to really mix with the spice and it created an incredible amount of flavour into the cigar.  I could hardly put this down at this point.  The ash held well and fell naturally around the halfway mark.

I finally was at the last third and it was the same leather, spice and oak flavours that seemed to just  come together perfectly and dominate the palate for the entire cigar.

This is one cigar I cannot wait to get my hands on again, and hopefully a few varieties.



3 thoughts on “Drew Estate Liga Privada No.9

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