Por Larranaga Panetelas; a quick smoke

Make: Por Larranaga

Size: Vegueritos; Short Panatela

Length: 127

Gauge: 36

Country: Cuba

Por Larranaga is a brand that not a lot of people smoke as the line up is very small and the brand name is also used with a non Cuban brand which in some places the trademark on the name does not allow it to be carried in some locations.  I personally love all three of the PL sticks.  The petit corona, the montecarlo and the panetelas which I am going to discuss now.  These are hand rolled cubans made from tobacco in the Vuelta Abajo region. While there have been a few special releases the brand continues to only produce the three sizes.

The cigar has a nice leathery smell to it, as well as the classic short filler smoke Cuban tobacco smell, which I personally love.  These cigars are cheap, so you really can’t expect much from them, but when aged these guys will give any panetelas size cigar a run for it’s money.  On the draw all you really get is a nice rich vanilla bean flavour with the Cuban tobacco hitting the palate to give it a wonderful combination.

I really love the Por Larranaga brand, not only because you don’t feel guilty smoking so many cigars when they are this cheap, but the fact that the brand has been around forever.  It’s a classic Cuban, with a classic Cuban taste.  This brand requires ageing to make the most of the flavour, if you look at my instagram account you will see what I mean, as I keep 5-10 boxes at a time of PL production cigars at any given time because of the ageing factor.  If you can afford to toss down 100 bucks on some cigars that wont be at their finest until 2016 or later then go ahead and grab 2 boxes and smoke some now and then in 4 years and see the difference.  With the Petit Coronas from PL I suggest aging the cabs for at least 5 years, 10 if you can resist that long.

I am heading to the states in just a few hours and will attempt to update my instagram and twitter while I am there with all the cigars I will be bringing back.  Happy smoking.



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