Partagas Serie D No.4

Make: Partagas, Serie D No.4

Size: Robusto

Length: 124

Gauge: 50

Country: Cuba

While I typically smoke 3 to 4 cigars a day, I really only smoke one cigar per day that would take over an hour to smoke.  The Partagas brand has always impressed me with this cigar.  I just love everything about it.  It smells great, with leather and spice.  The wrapper is always flawless and capped perfectly.  I have never had burn issues or any problems with the Serie D No.4 and I don’t believe I will in the future.

I paired this cigar with Havana Club Cuban rum 7 year aged. It went very well together, as the flavours of the rum really meshed with the cigar.

I love how this cigar tastes right away, no waiting for the “sweet spot” this is the top of the top in Cuban Robustos,  I feel safe saying this as I have smoked probably every single Cuban Robustos that would compare and nothing is even close, except for maybe a RASS. Now this is MY opinion, I like my cigars to be enjoyable to me and even if a cigar is much better rated, if I don’t like some of the flavours I will simply skip over it.

The first third of this cigar is often incredible, with silky, dense, white smoke that fills the mouth with so many flavours it’s hard to put one that hits the hardest.  I love the spice, particularly cinnamon that is on the palate after a draw.  As I said this was paired with an aged Cuban rum, which really complemented all these flavours throughout the entire cigar.

Once I hit the second third the creamy flavours have been gone for at least 10 minutes and spice, pepper and dark chocolate really take power. A bit of citrus, a hint of cedar and maybe oak here and there, make the middle of this badass one great cigar to enjoy with a fine spirit. Once you begin to reach the end of this cigar it’s hard to want it to end.  Spice, a bit of vanilla bean and espresso really send you off with class.

I don’t rate cigars here, but if you have not tried this cigar, on your next stop at the smoke shop don’t pass it by again.

Tomorrow I will review one of my favourite every day sticks which is a bit cheaper then the Cohibas,  The Por Larranaga Panetelas.  If you use twitter or instagram add me @Galbratov on either.  Regards and happy smoking.



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