2008 Cohiba Siglo II

Make: Cohiba Siglo II

Size: Marevas; Petit Corona

Length: 129cm

Gauge: 42

Country: Cuba

I love Cohiba it’s probably one of my go to cigars if I am in a bad mood, it will always change the mood.  I am sure you know the back story on the Linea 1492, but in case you don’t…

“In 1992 Habanos SA launched the first sizes in what it calls the Línea 1492, commemorating Christopher Columbus and his voyage to the Americas, with each size named for a century since Columbus’ discovery. The initial launch included the Siglo I, Siglo II, Siglo III, Siglo IV, and Siglo V, with a Siglo VI added in 2002.”

The Siglo II is my favourite of the Siglo line up, even surpassing the VI in my personal preference. The reason for this is you can enjoy a II any time.  The flavours you get from the draw are incredible, vanilla, espresso, a bit of spice and possibly a bit of butter.

The first thing I love about this cigar is how perfect every single one looks, almost always a perfect burn and that is someone I truly appreciate about the Cohiba brand is the consistency.

In the first third the cocoa and dark chocolate notes are a great way to begin any cigar.  As you draw closer to the second third you start to get a cedar and spice note to the palate upon exhalation.  The spice and chocolate are prevalent well into the second third.  The ash held perfectly as most Cohibas do as well as the perfect burn.

The second third, the full flavour of the spice and dark chocolate really start to blend with the creamy vanilla smoke that becomes very intense at about the half way point.  This cigar was incredible.  I prefer to buy my cigars well in advance of when I plan to smoke a particular box.  With the Siglo II I always keep at least 50 on hand.  Around the last third you really start to lose a bit of the spice but the vanilla bean and almost caramel notes begin to fill your mouth draw after draw.

The end here is quite a treat, I am almost always tempted to eat the nub as it’s flavours are so creamy and smooth that you cannot believe you were just smoking a cigar, and not eating dessert or drinking a cocktail.  The white smoke is just perfect and dense, with cedar, vanilla and cocoa really hitting the palate hard at the end here, I guarantee you, you wont want to put this little guy down until your fingers burn.

Next review up is going to be another Cuban under the Partagas brand.

— JG


4 thoughts on “2008 Cohiba Siglo II

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  3. I’m new to cigars. Had the pleasure to smoke several different vitolas from several different brands…and would have to say that the Siglo-II is my favorite so far. The only problem is that I almost always burn my lips each time I smoke them as they taste so good!!!

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