2009 Ramon Allones Petit Unicos Edición Regional Canadá

Box of fresh Ramon Allones Petit UnicosMake: Ramon Allones

Size: Petit Pirámides

Length: 127cm

Gauge: 50

Country: Cuba;Regional Edicion Canada

2009 is a special year for me; I got married to my amazing wife, and we also had a beautiful daughter brought into our family, Zoe. I love collecting cigars from this year, and I will tell you now, I will definitely keep these in stock for decades to come.

09 UnicoTo begin the cigar was perfect, no damage at all to the wrapper or foot of the stick.  You could smell the classic Ramon Allones scent when you smell the foot of the cigar, rich and full of cedar and earthy tones.  Once I clipped the end, you could indeed taste the earthy flavours, with a bit of spice.  This cigar was a RA, there was no doubt about that.

The first third was full of earthy flavours, off the draw you could taste cedar notes, spice and a coffee or espresso to the palate upon exhale. These flavours continued throughout the entire cigar but were really noticeable at the start.  This cigar was perfectly constructed which is typical of a RA.  The ash held well into the second third of the cigar before it fell.

The second third of this stick was full of creamy, vanilla smoke, coupled with spicy pepper and cedar.  I found these flavours to stick with the cigar to the end.  The occasional berry undertone was a wonderful addition to the end of this cigar.

By the end this cigar it is a very classic Ramon Allones taste, strong espresso, spice, leather and the random hint of vanilla make this a cigar you won’t want to put down until the nub.


Tomorrows review will be of one of my personal everyday favourites, the Cohiba Siglo II.  The perfect any time smoke for the gentleman who wants to smoke the best whenever they smoke.

— JG


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